Our Story

The Beginning (as told by Lane)

Well, it wasn't love at first sight.

In fact, when CJ and I started CrossFit on the same day in January 2013 (shoutout to SHC Fitness aka Camelback CrossFit!), we barely noticed one another as I was too busy trying not to make a fool of myself while learning all the new lifts, and CJ was too busy being really good at all the lifts. At the time, we were both in relationships and living with our best friends, so we weren't really looking for much besides a good workout.

But because of this intro class schedule, we had to work out together four days a week for a month. Then, after graduating from the Beginner course (me barely and him with flying colors), our work schedules meant that we continued working out together four or five times per week. CJ pretty much kept to himself (except to share his plans for his next music festival boys' trip or brag about how many girls came to his birthday party), and I became friends with some of the other girls at our gym.

Over the next few months, our friends Alyssa, Ross, and Nelson all joined the gym, and we formed an intramural volleyball team with a bunch of our friends. That summer, our group got closer, both of our relationships ended, and one summer's eve, CJ and his friends decided to host a party at their apartment. I dragged some friends along with me, and CJ and I kicked off the evening with a toast to the single life...

...and the rest is history. We danced the night away, and I woke up the next morning crushing hard on my friend CJ and worrying that we had either really mucked up what was looking to be a pretty solid friendship or that he would think I was a terrible dancer. Turns out neither were true (obviously, I'm a great dancer), and when we went on our first official date the next week, I swooned when he asked, "So, have you decided on what you want, or would you rather pick two things and share?" Later that night, when he paid for the meal with a Groupon, I knew I had found the one whom my frugal foodie soul loves.

Five years, three houses, two states, and one lovable golden retriever later, our dance moves may have gotten worse, but our friendship has only gotten stronger. I am so grateful that I let my sister peer pressure me into joining a CrossFit gym and that CJ wanted so badly to win a bet against his friends (which he did!). Cheers to a lifetime of friendly competition, split plates, and orange soda!

The Proposal (as told by CJ)

Before getting too deep into the story it’s important to understand two things about Lane:

  1. She had always made one thing about proposals very clear: she wanted it to be a surprise when it happened (which was pretty much a foregone conclusion for us after about 6 months of dating).
  2. She is obsessed with the budgeting app “YNAB”. Put simply, it requires that every dollar earned goes in a “bucket,” and each expense must be matched to its appropriate category. Since we started living together, we have budgeted our money together, which means Lane sees every dollar coming in and out of our accounts. She takes her “budgeting bucketer” role very seriously, accounting for everything down to the penny. If you’d like to learn more I’m sure she will tell you all about it...
So, keeping both these things in mind, I was tasked with proposing to Lane without giving her any indication it was coming or spending any money on it in advance. Naturally, I did what anyone would do and just made Lane plan it herself.

Although it was definitely nonconventional, I decided that I’d repurpose my birthday dinner as the night to pop the question. The dinner wasn’t actually on my birthday but on the Saturday before, and despite not knowing the location ahead of time, I knew that Lane would pick some place nice (though I didn’t realize we’d be eating barnacles…). Needless to say, Lane didn’t disappoint when she picked ADEGA, San Jose’s only Michelin Star restaurant, for our dinner.

Once we got to the restaurant, we each ordered the 7 course pre-fixe dinner (which was a poor choice on my part given I had no appetite and was just trying to keep my cool while making it through each increasingly weird course and spent the whole time trying to devise a plan as to how I would be able to pull this off). Eventually, I decided I would pop the question on our way out the door. While Lane was in the restroom, I quickly stopped the hostess and asked if she would help me out.

So now it was just a matter of getting through the rest of dinner, which was nerve-wracking (to say the least). But once we finished, basically too full to move, we started to walk out, and I stopped Lane to take a picture, which was relatively normal. I asked the hostess to take the photo, and after a few takes, took the prime opportunity to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. I wish I had more details (and I’m sure Lane can fill in the rest), but I somewhat blacked this part out (I blame the barnacles in course three). Fun fact: we were only the second couple to ever get engaged there!

We walked down the street holding hands and trying to digest the 7+ course meal that had gotten the best of us. Realizing there wasn’t much to see or do in this part of town (and Lane kept crying excitedly everytime she talked), we decided it was best to head home and share the good news with Goose. So, we ducked into the corner taqueria, toasted with Jarritos to really seal the deal, and grabbed a Lyft home to call the family.

All in all, I’d say it was pretty much perfect: Lane unknowingly planned one of our new favorite memories, she got the surprise she always wanted, the budget remained intact, and my future wife promised I never have to eat barnacles again, for as long as we both shall live.
Cass Loh